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Top 10 Retro Boys Toys You Can Still Buy

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Top 10 Retro Boys Toys You Can Still Buy

Do you remember that one toy that you or perhaps your brother couldn't put down? I have fond memories of my cousins staging battles with tiny plastic soldiers and racing each other on their prized Hot Wheels Track.

There's a reason we remember these toys so fondly. These toys were so immersive and taught us to be creative, how to have fun by ourselves or with others, but most of all, they kept us entertained for hours. These are all very important qualities for busy parents looking to prize their little ones away from glaring screens. We recently wrote a post with our5 Steps to Reducing Your Kids Screen Time.
So here it is, our Top 10 Retro toys that will surely be a hit with your boy, although my own daughter loves most of these too.

1. Lego

Bricks from this huge global brand have spiked the soles of brave parents for decades. The good news is that the modern brick is slightly more curvy, reducing the pain suffered in that brave walk into the playroom. A fantastic way to teach your child patience and creativity, grab a bucket of Lego and they'll be immersed for hours! Around $28.

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2. Transformers

Hailing back to 1984, the Transformer toy has been a perennial favorite little boys’ toy for generations. These ‘more than meets the eyes’ toys, which transform from vehicles into robots, have featured in no less than 6 modern Hollywood blockbusters. A huge hit for young robot fans. Around $30.

         Vintage Optimus Prime TransformersTransformers E3541 Generations War for Cybertron
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3. Tonka Toy

The iconic Tonka Dump Truck is still going strong after more than 55 years! Built to last and endlessly useful as a first walker, toy holder and -of course - for hauling dirt and action men, the modern Classic Tonka Truck will entertain for hours. Around $25.

Vintage-Tonka-TruckTonka Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck FFPAmazon Buy Button

4. Big Trak

You’d need to time travel back 40 years to get your hands on an original BigTrak programmable vehicle. Excited boys would tap commands into the futuristic keypad in an attempt to plot a route towards an unsuspecting sleeping pet. The good news is that it's still made today so your kids can relive the fun of navigating around the family dog while learning to code!  Around $39.

Vintage BigtrakZeon Limited Bigtrak 2010
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5. Hot Wheels Criss-Cross Track

Which little boy doesn't love his toy cars and even more so, crashing them into each other. Kids went crazy for the Hot Wheel Criss-Cross track in the late 1970s and it's still going strong today. Recently updated, this super popular toy car track propels toy cars around two tracks that cross in the middle. Whose cars will survive the longest! Around $50

Vintage Hot Wheels Criss Cross TrackHot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set
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6. Simon Game

An incredibly simple yet fun game, the Simon Game played a big part in helping me improve my short term memory as a boy and kept me entertained for hours. You simply follow an increasingly long light and sound sequence for as long as you can. So much fun. Around $12.

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7. Rocking Horse

The Rocking Horse has been around since the 17th Century, entertaining little boys and girls (in varying levels of comfort) since. It was always the toy that I wanted but could never afford. Thank goodness for technology and Radio Flyer making it comfortable, stylish and affordable! Around $105.

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8. Lincoln Logs

Boys love construction and Lincoln Logs has most likely inspired thousands of budding architects and builders over the years. They've not changed much and are still as fun as ever for boys (and their dads) to create some stunning looking cabins. Around $45.


LINCOLN LOGS – 100th Anniversary Tin - 111 All-Wood Pieces

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9. Parachute Toy

I can remember climbing to the top of trees to release these little flying plastic wonders to watch them slowly drift to the ground. I would then spend 10 minutes with my dad, trying to untangle the impossibly small strings. Well, the good news is that you can still pick these up and they have been redesigned to be tangle free. Good times. Around $7.


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10. Army Men Action Figures

A great way to get boys to use their imagination is with a good old bucket of model army soldiers. These little green plastic men have changed little over the past 50 years and still entertain budding future military generals (and us dads) today. Around $20.


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What was your favorite toy when growing up? Do you still own any of them? Let us know in the comments below
Matthew Phipps
Matthew Phipps

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