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Top 10 Classic Girls Toys You Can Still Buy

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Top 10 Classic Girls Toys You Can Still Buy-The Memory Building Company

What was your favorite toy when you were little? I was a dolls and tea parties girl and would spend hours immersed in my own imaginary world. If your childhood favorites seem to evoke overwhelming nostalgia in you, it's probably because these toys had such a huge impact on your own development. We look back affectionately on these toys because they set fire to our imaginations and taught us some of the creativity that makes us successful as adults.

The good news is that these toys are still being made today and your little ones can love them just as much as you did. They present a wonderful way to grow their wild imaginations and to spend some quality time alone without a glaring screen for company. Check out our "5 Tips to Reducing Your Kids Screen Time" post to see why this is so important for your little ones.
Without further ado, let's take a peak at the best retro toys for girls you can still but today. Let us know what your favorites were below!
Old vs New - Let's go!

1. Dolls House

Little girls love to emulate their moms and grandmas, and there’s no more fun way to do this than with a dolls house. Never did anyone have so much fun play acting household chores! Dolls houses have come on a little since the old Victorian style, with this hugely popular and long lasting KidKraft Dollhouse the pick of today’s bunch.
Around $99.
Classic Vintage Dolls HouseKidcraft Dolls House
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2. Musical Jewelry Box

One of my most precious memories from my time growing up is staring for hours at the twirling figure in my music box. You’ll be pleased to know that this is one toy that technology hasn’t taken over; the musical jewelry box hasn’t changed much over the years. We created our own version with a twirling unicorn, so you can relive the magic with your little one.
Around $30
 Vintage Musical Jewelry Box
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3. Kitchen Play Set

The ultimate little girls' dream was to have her own kitchen. The Bluebird A La Carte Model was hugely popular in the 1980's. Today’s offerings are a little more understated and less plasticky. Our favorite is the impressive Hape Wooden Play Kitchen which is picking up rave reviews.
Around $85
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4. Barbie Doll

The most iconic of gifts for girls, Barbie Dolls have been going since 1959. My daughter picked up a used bucket full of them and now creates the most spectacular Barbie Doll parties. Today's offerings are relatively unchanged and the Fairytale Dress-Up Doll continues to be among the most popular.
Around $28.
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5. Fashion Plates

I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was a girl but my drawing sucked! Lucky for me, in 1988, Santa delivered some Fashion Plates in my stocking. Simply color on paper over the top of the 3D plates and hey presto, your little girl is an instant fashion designer. Much like the musical jewelry box, these have barely changed although the best set on the market comes with a stylish carry bag. Splendid darling.
Around $22.
Vintage-Fashion-Plates-Toy Kahootz-Fashion-Plates-Deluxe-Kit
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6. Strawberry Shortcake Doll

I can still remember the divine strawberry smell that these dolls carried when I was little. These cute and super-squeezy dolls have been modernized beautifully (seemingly to include some eye enlarging cosmetic surgery) and still carry those heavenly berry scents!
Around $30.
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7. Rocking Horse

While the classic victorian horses were a little uncomfortable, today’s modern horses carry more padding and so feel a little more real. As its 2019 and kids are unicorn-obsessed, we love this Plush Unicorn Rocker Horse from Animal Adventure It's highly-rated and well-priced for such a solid classic toy.
Around $60.
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8. Tea Set

I have fond memories of gathering all of my favorite toys together around the table for an epic tea party. I would play this for hours and share a cup of tea with my imaginary friends and scrunched up parents. This Butterfly Tea Set Hamper from Schylling is our top pick with its amazingly cute and handy carry basket.
Around $21.
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9. Cash Register

As a little girl, I would sell anything to everyone when I had this baby setup in the kitchen. This is one of my favorite on the list because… they still make the same one! It was so well designed and built that they’ve barely changed it. I’ve just ordered one for my little girl so bring on the nostalgia!
Around $25
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10. Lincoln Logs

For those among us that preferred construction to tea parties growing up, the classic and All-American ‘Lincoln Logs’ toy was one of the best toys for girls and boys. This 1940s version hasn’t changed much and the logs are still made with real wood!
Around $44
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What was your favorite toy when growing up? Do you still own any of them? Let us know in the comments below
Katherine Phipps
Katherine Phipps

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