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Top 10 Superhero Party Ideas That Will Make You the Hero

4 min read

Top 10 Superhero Party Ideas That Will Make You the Hero

The Superhero Birthday Party Trend

With Avengers, DC Universe and other superhero movies hitting the big screen recently, superhero parties are bang on-trend and super popular. No doubt your kids have been emulating their favorite heroes all year and so you can finally give them their chance to show off their superpowers by giving them the superhero birthday party they deserve.

The Superhero Party theme is typically bright, colorful and dramatic. It's pretty simple to pull together and heaps of fun to host. To support you on your way, we've put together 10 super simple ideas to help you host the perfect super hero party, along with some free printables to save you time and money.

1. FREE PRINTABLE Superhero Party Invitations.Set the tone with some colorful and stylish superhero party invitations. Print these at home or at your local store and you'll be ready to create that party buzz! Take your invitations to the next level and send out a superhero mask with them. Your birthday boy or girl will love picking which friends get to be which hero.

Superhero Party Invitation

2. KAPOW! BAOOM! Signs. Superhero roots are firmly in comic books where the colorful Kapow! Boom! and Zap! signs have now become a cool, retro way to add fun to the party. You can add them to food items, water bottles, or as simple superhero decorations. We've created a FREE SET OF Printable Signs which are included with our Downloadable EBook.

Superhero Juice Labels

3. Superhero Backdrop.Superhero decorations need to be bold, dramatic and colorful. The best way to set the room is to create that big city setting - like Metropolis or Gotham - and invest in a big city superhero backdrop. We offer a 7ft wide superhero backdrop as seen below! It comes with a very special free app called "Wonderstruck" which turns the backdrop into a short Hollywood style movie!

Superhero Backdrop

Top Tip: Lay your superhero backdrop on the floor and have your birthday guests strike a flying pose while taking amazing photos from above!

4. Music.It’s important to set the drama and give a movie-like feel to your party superhero theme party. As such you’ll need some epic superhero music. I like this Superhero music Playlist on YouTube as it's free and ready to go. The kids may want some more modern pop music too so I'd also advise you to work with them to tee up a playlist of their favorite hits. 

5. Costumes.If ever there was a party theme made for costumes then a Superhero birthday theme, with masks and capes, is it! There are a couple of ways to tackle this. You can ask them to come dressed which can draw mixed results, or you can provide costumes yourself. If you have the time, this video shows even the least crafty among us to make superhero masks from duck tape!

To complete the look with a cape simply made of an old t-shirt! 

Top Tip: Hand out the Super hero masks with the invitations so that your little one’s classmates can get into the spirit and costume for the party.

6. Baby Groot Sandwich.This one wins for simplicity and pulls in the hugely popular and cute Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy hero, Groot. Simply make your sandwiches, cut them to shape and add a little crust and 2 half olives for the face. Some tactically placed herbs or lettuce complete this super cute tree look.

Groot Sandwiches

7.Popsicle Superhero Capes.Another cheap and easy idea is to create superhero capes for popsicles. Kids go crazy for these and they make a great birthday party favor too. You can make these from card or inexpensive felt, using the card as a template. We’ve included the template in our superhero printables to help. You can get the cape templates for these in our Free E-Book.


8. Water Balloons.During your superhero party, the kids will inevitably show some bravado and engage in a little play fighting. Channel this energy with a garden water balloon fight. Grab hold of this “Bunch o Balloons” pack which lets you fill them all up quickly from the hosepipe!


9. 3D Skyscrapers.My favorite among all the superhero activities this versatile and inexpensive idea which gives plenty of bang for the buck. Grab a handful of old boxes and spray paint them black or grey. Cut up some white and yellow sticky notes and simply attach them for windows. The trick here is that you can use them both on your table as a superhero cake stand, or as floor props for your superhero backdrop. Later, set them out in space to make hurdles. Have your heroes jump over the buildings one at a time and leave them feel proud and tall.


10. Spider Web.Another great money-saving yet hugely popular option is the Spiderman web. Grab a roll or white or red ribbon or string, find somewhere to wrap it around and create your web. Garden trees, a deck, and indoor railings all make good anchor points. Just be careful not to tie it off around that priceless Ming vase!


I hope you enjoyed these ideas and wish you all the very best with your party. I am sure that, given the effort, you are putting into researching it, your party will be the talk of the class!

Good luck!


Katherine Phipps
Katherine Phipps

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